Sunday, 2 March 2014

Are you wanting to change direction. What are you doing?

Do you want to change direction? What do you need to do?

Most of us sit around speculating but change requires action. Here are a few steps you'll have to take for changing direction in life. All these steps require ongoing work.  It's best to start them in order, then it's about keeping them all going. 

Step 5: REVIEW

Step 1:
Many get  stuck at this point because they speculate  You need to do some research. Get the facts, don't guess them. Take one profession or idea and decide if you want to do it: YES or NO.

Research is to answer some of these questions:
  1. What interesting companies/ people/ missions are out there?
  2. Which interest you and why?
  3. Do you want a job/ to join a start up / to set up your own business?

The aim ultimately is to find a clear goal you want to achieve eg Bill Gates when he changed direction created his goal: to eradicate Polio:

Step 2:
Create a list of people.  Go meet them.  There are now with social media about 2.5 degrees of separation between all people.  It's easier than ever to find and connect to the people who have the same interests and passions. 

It’s great to target your list but initially it’s good to get out there.  You don't necessarily want to go to lots of networking session. This can end up being a waste of time.  Targeted networking to your area of interest in my opinion has more value. 

Aim: to find people you like or can work with; to short cut their system to get to where you want quicker and to find the right business or mission that interests you.

Write down at least 15 people that would be good to meet. 
Identify your pitch – what you’ll ask people and say to people while still selling yourself on this networking stage. 

Step 3
This is where you start honing and clarifying what you want to do. Talk to people.  Start thinking about what interests you and what doesn't.  

Aim is to create your own mission and direction.  You need to be constantly thinking, reading and working on the clarify of your direction.  It can be difficult to keep focused.  Sometimes finding someone like a coach to help you build your ideas and develop your vision can be useful. Choose wisely. You need someone who is supportive and challenging. 

Step 4
When you start doing it.  This might mean testing the water or trying to find the role you want.  Meet people linked to your mission.  Find out how to raise your profile or find the gate keepers to the role. 

Step 5
Review where you are and if you’re going in the right direction.  Make sure you don't get side tracked.  Check that you haven't just ended up somewhere that was safe or just like your last role that you were trying to escape from.  Create your boundaries

Step 6
As you hone and clarify it can be a challenge.  The winds of change can feel as if it's throwing you off and you can feel unsure of yourself.  As you go through the process you will find your mission.  I know it sounds easy but this process takes time to develop, hone and get clear on. Trust the process.  Trust your self and find people to talk to on the way to ensure you're not limiting your possibilities; your beliefs or your aspirations. 

Good luck in your journey.  Mine has taken me to lost of different places.  I've met so many interesting people who I hugely admire.  Some who have helped me know what I don't want to be like.  I'd do a few things differently if I was to do it again however mistakes are what make you grow and learn.  So in the words of a famous French singer, regret nothing.