Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How's your energy? Fancy a February reboot.

Are you a corporate athlete?

This is a phrase I'm coming across more and more.  Why because we need to find a way to balance our energy.  Energy is what increases output.  So we need to look after our physical selves in order to work at a higher mental capacity. 

I have been so busy with delivering my job I have had less time to exercise. I have been feeling more tired than normal.  With a little step back we realise that when we're tired what we need to do is exercise.  Exercise increases our energy.  

Like most of our life we know what to do: 
1. Exercise more 
2. Eat smaller, healthier meals 
3. Keep sugar and alcohol to a minimum 
4. Don't eat a lot late or before bed
5. Reduce caffeine intake 

Because although we can perform when we eat badly and don't exercise we are not performing at our full potential 
If we want to increase our endurance, flexibility, self control and focus; our fitness and health will help us.  We need to decide how to fuel our ambitions. 

Why an athlete?
  • Athletes compete about 1-2 hours of a day.  Most of their days are training days. 
  • Corporate, business or political executives are required to perform sometimes 10 -12 hours a day and has training or coaching once a quarter if they're lucky. 
  • Athletes get months off resting in off-season while executives may get 3-4 weeks 
  • The average career of an athlete is about 7 to 8 years while executives can work at least 30 years as a high level performer. 
So we need to develop habitual behaviour, that we embed each day into our training to ensure we reach our highest capacity; our best performance and our full potential. 

So as we go into February: my favourite month to get healthy,  I am going to re-engage with my physical health.  Will you join me?

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