Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why is a Women’s programme important

Lord Davies report of 2011 suggested a goal of 25% of board members to be women by 2015.

On Wednesday 10th April 2013 Cranfield University’s FTSE Female report stated that although the figures of women on boards in FTSE 100 companies had increased to 17.3% it was still short of Lord Davies target.  Also during the first half of the year there were 44% of posts given to women in the second half of the year this dropped to 26%.

Vince Cable said on Thursday 11th April "today's report also serves as a timely reminder to business that quotas are still a real possibility if we do not meet the target of 25% of women on boards of FTSE companies by 2015."

Successful companies engaging in this goal are

1.   identifying the perceived barriers to progression. 
2.   creating a gender strategy within their organisation

Women’s programmes help to:
1.      Increase the number of women in senior management and on boards
2.      Improve succession planning and engage senior management to help
          pull women through the organisation.
3.      Increase retention of talent in middle management
4.      Support women to get their first promotion

BeSpokeskills can deliver a diagnostic report to identify barriers and offer business solutions to increase numbers of women at different levels of the organization.

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