Friday, 9 November 2012

Women work for free until the end of the year

Have a look at the evening standard article which says
The Fawcett Society, which campaigns for gender equality, (states that ) the pay gap — 14.9 per cent across the country — is even more marked in London, at almost 23 per cent. And in financial services...., it is a stonking 55 per cent.

Here's my comment on the story:

I completely agree with Vicky Pryce.  I have coached women in the City and the public sector to get their next promotion.  The things they often need to work on is:
1. Belief - they don't believe they can do the job - even when they're doing it already
2. Networking - they get on with being brilliant at their job and forget to tell anyone about it.
3. Clarity - their words can lack confidence - they say "I just won a deal the other day" or "yeah things have been good" when they closed a million pound deal in a new sector.  Tell the facts and let the success speak for itself.
4. Body Language - their body language can imply a  lack of confidence - lowered eyes and shoulders when talking to senior people. They have to get used to stating their successes.
5. Ambassadors - they need other people to shout about their brilliance.  It's always good when it comes from other people not just you.  More women need to ask colleagues to email their line manager to tell them what a great job they've done.

Telling people what you've done isn't bragging - it's helping your manager understand what role you play in the organisation.  It then helps them promote their department.  We're all in sales after all!

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