Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Chuggers get choked

Sales and influence are often considered synonymous but often they are not.  I love the subtlety of influence but chuggers play on good nature

Chugging is when someone from a charity approaches you in the street to ask for a donation.  A chugger is the person who stops you in the street.  Actually it's more likely a company has bought a contract from a charity - and the more donations they get the more the secondary company profit.  In the Independent today it said charities pay an average of £100 for every signature obtained by face-to-face fundraising firms.  http://tinyurl.com/cwwahdl This is then split between the 'chuggers' and their employees.

Here are the reasons I'm so against them:
1. they greet you as if they're genuinely interested and then try to make you buy - it's not authentic
2. they use influence tactics in a manipulative way e.g. asking only for your name - part of the Law of Commitment and consistency.  If you get an oral or written commitment people are more likely to follow through and honour that commitment. it's not transparent.
3. they play on your good will.  Again using another law of influence - the Law of Social Proof - people will do something they see others do.  So if you feel other likeminded people are doing it you feel more pressure to do it too.  it plays on society values rather than the person's true values. It puts on pressure.
4. they threaten you - so many of us cross the road to avoid them, change our shopping route and put on our defences.  I don't get to go shopping much so I'd rather it was a relaxing enjoyable experience rather than feeling like an A star celebrity getting attacked by paparazzi.
5. they make you defensive. Luckily the lovely visitors who've been here and are coming for the Olympics and Paralympics have not been affected but I've found myself put on my chugger defence armour only to realise it was a tourist.  I no longer trust people who come up to me with a lovely smile. As a Glaswegian I find this offends my cultural heritage!

I've had a chugger shout at me down the road  "I save children's lives what do you do".  This is without any provocation.  My standard answer is "I'm sorry I don't do this kind of marketing".  It's amazing how offended they get. It's also insulting that they assume because you don't do that kind of marketing you don't subscribe to a charity.  So if they now walk more than 3 paces after me we can tell the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association. I may never do that but it's good to know I can.

So influential techniques can be used effectively or non-effectively.  The fascinating thing is chugging works so well because they use these powerful laws of influence.  Just think what you can do with them if you're authentic, transparent, open and honest.  To find out more about the Laws of Influence and how to implement it at work sign up for our Influencing course.

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