Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Woman's Day March 8th

Did you see the Google picture today?  The colourful cogs turning the google icon around?  It was for International Woman's day.  

Today U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will join several accomplished women, including Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie and Nobel Peace laureate Leymah Gbowee at the third annual Women in the World summit, which begins today - Thursday 8th March In New York. 

Female leaders, advocates and activists will share stories of women who are battling the status quo, opposing injustice and shattering glass ceilings around the world.

The summit is organized by Newsweek and the Daily Beast.  If you were ever in any doubt how many amazing women are out there doing amazing things have a look at this list

Perhaps this can be a reminder of how powerful a woman's way of doing things is.  Perhaps it can also be a reminder that we need to support our fellow female co-workers.  We need to help mentor them and support them to grow.  I know so many woman and men that are committed to doing this - are you one of them?

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