Monday, 12 March 2012

Want more energy - here's how!

Some nutritionists call themselves a doctor but when I found Dr Deborah Quinn had been a GP and had a first in physiology I thought she might be a bit different. How right I was!  

I am a little bit skeptical of nutritionists to be honest.  I've seen a few in my time and they've all just said the same thing.  There seemed very little logic to it.  It's very different with Deborah.   There is a test and checking process she goes through and is constantly developing your diet to achieve your full potential. 

If you want to check her out she's at the Lloyds Building's Wellness Centre 
all week this week and I think she's offering a 20% discount.  I'm not on commission - I've just found her knowledge, help and clarity inspiring.  She will be there weekly too if you can't do this week. 

Over the last 5 weeks I've been doing a gentle detox to give me more energy.  The first 2 weeks I thought I'd hit a truck I was so tired and grown grass on my tongue it was so furry.  4 weeks later I've lost 8 lbs without exercising.  Most importantly I feel so energetic.  I've had one of my busiest 3 months and had to stay up late and get up early pretty consistently.  It's been so easy doing it because I feel so energised.    

I'll grant you there's no alcohol allowed and for a Glaswegian that has been a bit of a challenge.  However I wouldn't swap this energy for a bottle of whisky.  

I am now beginning to realise what wellness truly is: helping your body be more effective.  In business we talk about efficiency in time management, systems and process but without an efficient body we wont work at our best.  

Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Woman's Day March 8th

Did you see the Google picture today?  The colourful cogs turning the google icon around?  It was for International Woman's day.  

Today U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will join several accomplished women, including Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie and Nobel Peace laureate Leymah Gbowee at the third annual Women in the World summit, which begins today - Thursday 8th March In New York. 

Female leaders, advocates and activists will share stories of women who are battling the status quo, opposing injustice and shattering glass ceilings around the world.

The summit is organized by Newsweek and the Daily Beast.  If you were ever in any doubt how many amazing women are out there doing amazing things have a look at this list

Perhaps this can be a reminder of how powerful a woman's way of doing things is.  Perhaps it can also be a reminder that we need to support our fellow female co-workers.  We need to help mentor them and support them to grow.  I know so many woman and men that are committed to doing this - are you one of them?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Magical Influence of Disney

I'm just back from a few days in Disneyland Paris.  While waiting in the early morning queue I realised how cleverly Disneyland incorporated the 6 principles of Influence.  Call me sad but you have a lot of thinking time when queuing in Disney!

1. Scarcity: We bought the trip when we saw the advert: “40% off if you buy before March".  Then we made a bee-line for the longest queues because they must be the best – yes?

2. Commitment and Consistency.  Once we committed to the queue we stayed in the queue.  Only once did we buck the trend when we got swept up into the Haunted House queue at the end of the day.  Not the best idea for a 4 year old before bedtime.  It felt like we were driving in the wrong lane and bucking the trend pushing our way out! 

3. Social Proof. If all these people are queuing for this long it must be right – yeah?

4. Liking.  All the Disney characters are so friendly and make my daughter so happy – we’ll have to come again!

5. Authority.  If Mickey says come back we must do it.

6. Reciprocity.  We got into the park 2 hours early because we stayed in the hotel.  And our daughter got to stay for free.  We’ll have to go back.  It’s rude not to!

Even though I know all the tricks they are playing – they play them so well.  I get into the Dumbo ride and think “that queue wasn’t so bad, look how happy my daughter is, it’s definitely the best place for a few days break!”

Now where can I find an apple without some toffee on it?

The 6 principles were devised by Robert Cialdini in his book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion".