Tuesday, 21 February 2012

From Promotion to Expectation and Success

Did you get the promotion you expected?

This can be a tricky time of year in Banking if you didn't get what you wanted.  What we often forget is: when you do get what you want what do you do now?

Promotion is a great boost.  You know all your work paid off and you are getting recognition for it.  You acted the promotion for many of the months before you got the job so what now?

Well the reality is senior management often expect more of you after a promotion.  They want to see you step up even more.  They want to hear more of your successes, hear you more in meetings.

What is your promotion 100 day plan?  What is your vision for those next few months.  What do you want people to notice that is different about you?

Take some time to celebrate then take some time to concentrate on your strategy.

Here are some things you could do
1. create your vision statement
2. ask different teams what their processes are then present your findings to your senior management - with possible recommendations
3. show how you deal with conflict by keeping calm and focused in heated debates
4. offer to do presentations on a project you are working on to various senior people
5. increase your networking.
6. build on your subject knowledge
7. build on your people knowledge - the best way to influence people is to know what excites and interests them
8. listen more to your team - they may not be your peers but they are still a font of knowledge and ideas.

These are just a few ideas.  I'm sure you can think of more.

What do you need to do to show them they were right to promote you?  Give them reason to feel proud!

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